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Tactical Utensils - Camping, Backpacking, Military Preparedness Tools
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This product is made of hard strong plastic with a great ridged handle portion, which when pulled apart becomes a 2 ½ inch serrated edge sharp plastic knife.

This is an effective and practical tool to carry with you on camping trips or in your vehicle. This is a strong and solid product which can also be used as a survival and self-defense tool. The end portion is durable as I have struck it hard numerous times on my wooden desk to see how it holds up. Even though the knife part is small the tip is sharp enough to do some damage. I have always loved hand held devices that can serve as both a practical tool and an emergency self-defense weapon when a real weapon is not available.

Look, if you're traveling the USA during covid, you already know most hotels have closed their eateries and you have to order in. sometimes the delivered food arrives without plasticware which means you have to attack your fried chicken with the coffee stirrer - which is no good at all. Having one of these with you is a great alternative when that happens, durable yet easy to clean, and easy to pack. Wouldn't be without mine anymore!

Great product for camping, survival, hiking, military field kit. Its all plastic and man is the knife sharp, be careful! It's not cheaply made and is quite durable. Once again let me caution you it is extremely sharp and there is a very real danger of slicing open your fingers when you pull the knife from the spork handle. Definitely not for kids. I am extremely pleased with this product. And I plan on buying more.


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